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Our family made these last year for our Christmas/Yule tree and we just loved them. My husband so much so, that he requested them for this year’s tree. They smell just lovely and if you place them in front of one of the  lights, the glow of orange is simply beautiful. Simplicity and back to nature; two common themes in our journey to build a homestead.


How to dehydrate orange slices


If you don’t want to add them to your tree then perhaps on a wreath or floral arrangement?


Not only is this craft simple to do in the comfort of your home, it is far cheaper than buying the ready dried ones at the craft store. Today I will share with you two methods; dehydrator and oven (for those who don’t have a dehydrator).


What You Need

  • Oranges
  • Knife
  • Dehydrator or Oven


Instructions: The Oven Method

  • Preheat your oven to 110 degrees Celsius (or 225 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Slice your oranges about 2cm thick
  • Place the slices directly onto your oven rack (they will stick and therefore burn to a baking tray)
  • Allow the slices to dry for the next 2-3 hours
  • Turn off your oven and leave them in there until they are cool.


dehydrate orange slices


Instructions: Dehydrator Method

  • Slice your oranges 2cm thick
  • Arrange of your trays making sure they do not overlap
  • Set your dehydrator for 110 degrees Celsius
  • Check after about 5 hours – they could take up to 12 hours


dehydrating orange slices



Last year we just used some twice, poked a hole in the top and created a simple loop to hang the slices from. Simple, yet pretty. Don’t be afraid to get fancy though! Adding cloves and ribbons are lovely options. Just have fun with it and get your kids involved (if you have kids).


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Long Term Storage

If you want to preserve your oranges for long term storage you will most likely need to dehydrate them for longer (you want them to be crispy). Another option is to spray them with a clear varnish coat therefore preserving them for next year.


Our family puts them outside on the trees for the birds after the holiday. This of course means I have to make them every year, but I certainly don’t mind! The house smells deliciously divine.


Enjoy and Happy Holidays!