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As many of you know in a little over a month my family will be moving to a new town, a new home and a new way of life! We are leaving the suburbs of Oshawa and having a go at semi-rural homesteading life in a little bungalow on a 1/2 acre lot. Although we are extremely excited about the move and a new adventure, right now things are hectic and stressful! Between packing, painting, outings with friends who know we’re leaving, canning, gardening and just regular old life, I am at my wits end. I’m exhausted, overworked, overwhelmed, stressed out and most definitely not sleeping well.  As many natural health practitioners can attest to, we often forget about our own health and well-being and that’s exactly what I was doing.


As most of what I am going through is emotional, it’s a perfect time to reacquaint myself with my Bach Flower Remedy kit. It’s also the perfect time to blog about one of my most used remedies (for me and my clients); Walnut.


Walnut Bach Flower Essence


Walnut Bach Flower Remedy

Walnut is all about transitions. Be it moving (like us), changing jobs, starting or ending a relationship or having a child; all of these transition states have one thing in common, they make us vulnerable. Walnut helps protect us against outside influences during periods of change or transition.  Do you know that the change you are making is the right one for you, but doubt creeps in when you start to hear the thoughts, opinions and ideas of others? While you have not asked for, or sought out these opinions, they are there nonetheless, trying to divert you from your path. Walnut was created with this exact scenario in mind.


Mechthild Scheffer states in her book, The Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy, “All situations involving major change are phases of increased stress, and therefore of pronounced instability.  Even stable people who normally know very well what they want are inclinded to vacillate between going forward and not when facing important changes.  They become susceptible to warnings and skepticism of others; fall back into old habits; and get caught up in sentimental musings, conventional ideas, or old family traditions, running the risk of abandoning their inner resolve.”


Walnut keeps us on our path, steadfast to our goals and life purpose and supports us through times of major change, upheaval and stress.




Walnut Preparation Method

Walnut is prepared via the boiling method. More information on how the remedies are prepared and for a general introduction to Bach Flower Remedies please click here.


Walnut Affirmations

  • “I am sure of myself”
  • “I am true to myself”
  • “I go my own way”
  • “I now have the strength to follow my own inner guidance”
  • “I move forward with ease into the next phase of my life”