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If I didn’t catch you with my New Years post, then I’ll say Happy New Years!  Today I’m coming at you with an update on my mandala project.  I originally wrote about my mandala project as apart of the Beating the Winter Blues series because for me these mandalas give me something to work towards; a project that gave me joy. They also honour the memory of Wink, the creator of the mandala pattern I’m using.  Wink suffered from depression and while she sadly lost her battle, making these mandalas during a dark time for me seems fitting.




Some Changes

Originally I was going to do two things; first I was going to replicate Wink’s mandalas exactly and second I was going to make them into a blanket like her sister in law did.


Unfortunately I was not able to get the yarn that she used in her original patterns. Instead I will do what she did, use my life, land and special objects/people to inspire my own patterns.


I’ve also decided that I will hang them like she used to.  We have a huge wall that would be perfect for them. It was actually my husband’s suggestion and it immediately felt right.


My First Mandala: Winter Sky

My first mandala was inspired by a photo I took from our kitchen. It’s of an early morning winter sky.




What You Need:

  • 4.5 mm crochet hook
  • Tapestry needle
  • Scissors
  • Bernat Hanicrafter Yarn
    • 1 skein each of the following colours:
    • sage green, hot purple, tangerine, robin’s egg, navy, camomile, white, warm brown, lavender & overcast





The Pattern:

I did not create the pattern. The original pattern is posted here and I give full credit to Wink. I will type it out here for ease though.

Please note that she uses a different method for joining her yarn and for starting a new row. You may need to refer to her pattern for more information on this. For this pattern you will need to know how to do a magic ring, double crochet (DC) and a standing double crochet.



Mandala Pattern

  1. Start with a magic circle, chain 2 and 11 DC (12) – colour: sage green
  2. 2DC in each stitch around (24) – colour: hot purple
  3. *DC 1, 2DC in the following stitch*, repeat (36)  – colour: warm brown
  4. *DC 2, 2DC in the next stitch*, repeat (48) – colour: tangerine
  5. *DC 3, 2DC in the next stitch*, repeat (60) – colour: robin’s egg
  6. *DC 4, 2DC in the next stitch*, repeat (72) – colour: navy
  7. *DC 5, 2DC in the next stitch*, repeat (84) – colour: camomile
  8. *DC 6, 2DC in the next stitch*, repeat (96) – colour: white
  9. *DC 7, 2DC in the next stitch*, repeat (108) – colour: warm brown
  10. *DC 8, 2DC in the next stitch*, repeat (120) – colour: lavender
  11. *DC 9, 2DC in the next stitch*, repeat (132) – colour: hot purple
  12. *DC 10, 2DC in the next stitch*, repeat (144) – colour: overcast

Border and Loop Pattern

  1. *sc 1, skip 2 st, 6DC, skip 2 st*, repeat – colour: navy
  2. sc 1, ch 10, sc 1 in the same st, finish off


I hope you enjoy this crochet update and project. I’ll keep them coming as I make more.