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Flower remedies are a powerful energetic helper for a time in your life when you may be wary of taking medications and drugs.  While they do not provide the same effects that a Gravol or an epidural will, that doesn’t mean they can’t be of great benefit.  Flower remedies do not have any side effects, cannot be overdosed and will not interact with any medications you might be on.  They also won’t interfere with breastfeeding or the flavour of your milk if you choose to continue using them after childbirth.

For Pregnancy

Crab Apple

Crab Apple

Having a partner that says you are beautiful daily might not be enough.  Sometimes pregnancy can leave us feeling unhappy about the physical changes that take over our bodies.  Crab apple can help us deal with these changes and bring them into perspective.  It is also an excellent remedy for morning sickness.


If time is starting to drag (common in the last trimester) and you find yourself feeling impatient to meet your little one, give Impatiens a try.  I also found it during the first trimester when time dragged because I was so sick.


Fear in general is very common in pregnancy. You may be afraid of becoming a parent, of childbirth or of how the dynamic of your family will change.  Regardless, if the fear is known Mimulus is indicated.


Feelings of tiredness and fatigue are common during pregnancy, especially in the first and third trimesters.  If you are feeling tired and exhausted Olive is the remedy for you.  Always check with your health care practitioner if you think it may be something more serious.

Red Chestnut

Fearing for your child is natural during pregnancy.  Anxiety and fear for the welfare of someone other than yourself is an indication for Red Chestnut.


Pregnancy is a time of major change and transition.  Walnut is indicated for these times and will help give you consistency/protection from outside influences and allows new experiences in.

For Labour & Childbirth

It’s a good idea to prepare a remedy in advance of going into labour.  I would recommend putting all four flower essences into your remedy.  If it turns out you don’t need them or they aren’t applicable, they will not interfere with the other remedies.



Unless you’ve been through it before labour and childbirth is full of unknowns.  Aspen is indicated for unknown or vague fears.


Contractions, dealing with pain and the possibility of a Caesarean are all normal fears during the labour process.  For known fears during childbirth put Mimulus in your remedy for labour.

Star of Bethlehem

No matter how well prepared we feel we are for labour and delivery, shock and trauma are always a possibility.  Be prepared with Star of Bethlehem.


Just as pregnancy is a time of transition and so is childbirth.

For After Childbirth



A new baby can leave you with a whole host of new experiences and tasks to cope with.  Elm can help you if you are feeling overwhelmed by this workload.


You may find yourself taking every little setback to heart.  If you are feeling discouraged give Gentian a try.


Doubting your abilities as a new parent is common.  You may lack confidence in your decisions or your ability to successfully navigate parenthood.  Larch will help put these doubts into perspective.


While feelings of postpartum depression are normal for a brief period of time, if you find yourself unable to shake the baby blues Mustard can help.  If your depression continues don’t be afraid to seek help from a qualified practitioner.


Exhaustion, fatigue and tiredness are all common when you have to wake up four times a night for feedings and diaper changes.  Olive can help with this.

Red Chestnut

Just as you may have worried about the welfare of your child during pregnancy, this worry may continue after the baby is born.  Anxiety and fear about the welfare of others needs Red Chestnut.


As you can see Walnut is an excellent remedy to have in your tool kit from conception to after delivery.  Even if you already have children, the introduction of another young life into your family is a major transition and change.


Side Note

Purchasing each of these remedies yourself can get quite expensive.  See if you can find a Bach Flower Practitioner in your area that would be willing to make a custom remedy for you.  Some may insist on an appointment/consultation in which case it may be cheaper to just purchase the remedies yourself, but some practitioners may only charge a compounding fee.  Also check to see if your naturopath, midwife or doula has remedies and is willing to make one for you.