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I absolutely love cooking with cast iron. Now that I know the health benefits (as well as the detrimental health effects of non-stick) I will NEVER go back. There are a few drawbacks to cast iron including regular seasoning, weight (those suckers are heavy) and a very hot handle when cooking. Thankfully I’m a crochet addict so I was able to come up with a quick and cost effective solution to the hot handle aspect – crochet cast iron skillet handles. Plus they are super stylish if I do say so myself.

Now while it may be tempting to use up some of that acrylic yarn you’ve had stashed away for a while, please DON’T. Acrylic won’t stand up to the heat nearly as well and will likely melt or set aflame. Using 100% cotton yarn is my recommendation for this project. I also recommend removing your cotton cast iron skillet handle prior to placing your skillet in the oven.


Cotton Crochet Cast Iron Skillet Handles



  • 6.00 (J) mm crochet hook
  • 1 skein of cotton yarn (I use Bernat Handicrafter)
    • optional two skeins if you want two different colours
  • tapestry needle
  • scissors



sc = single crochet

st = stitch

2sctog = single crochet two together (decreasing a stitch)



This pattern works with two strands of yarn at once. If you are using a single skein you will need to find the end of the yarn that’s in the middle of the skein as well as the one on the outside. If you are using two balls you can skip this step. You will be working in rounds so it’s handy to have a stitch marker (pssst… I just use a bobby pin).

Holding two strands start with a magic circle/ring (check out the video tutorial below if you are unfamiliar with a magic circle)

  • 6 sc in the loop/circle

2017-05-01 10.47.12

  • 2 sc in each stitch (12 stitches)
  • sc around until your project measures just over an inch (1″) in height


2017-05-01 10.59.59

  • sc2tog, 4 sc, sc2tog
  • sc around until your handle measures approximately 4.5-5 inches (or the length of your skillet)


Crochet Cast Iron Skillet Handle

For those who want video instruction for the magic circle check out the video below.




Hope you enjoy this pattern and I don’t mind folks using it to make crochet cast iron skillet handles to sell. If you do post this pattern I would appreciate a link back to my blog please and thank you.


Happy crocheting,



P.S. Please pin for future reference 😉

Crochet Cast Iron Handle Pattern