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While in school studying herbal medicine I took two courses on the flower essences known as Bach Flower remedies. If you aren’t familiar with this powerful form of plant medicine check out my introductory post about Bach Flower remedies here. These amazing remedies can help us cope with our emotional states and bring us back to a place of balance and peace.


Beating the Winter Blues with Bach Flower Remedies

As I mentioned in previous posts (Beating the Winter Blues Naturally: Introduction), my goal this winter is to use all the natural methods at my disposal to help stave off the winter blues/SAD. One of these methods was the use of flower essences (more specifically Bach Flower remedies).


In general, most personalized formulations have 6-7 remedies. There are certain times when either too many remedies are indicated (more than 7) or not enough (1-2). In times like these the client/person usually lacks clarity on the issues that they want/need to focus on for the healing and balancing of their emotional well-being.


As I went through my cue cards for my remedies I realised rather quickly that about half of the remedies would apply in my life right now. If that isn’t a cry for much needed clarity I don’t know what is! I remembered something about this in my notes and excitedly dug around for the information I needed. Today I will share with you my class notes on the subject.


The Polycrest

A polycrest is an incredibly powerful remedy. It will provide clarity to those who are scattered and undecided about their life path and emotional state.  These remedies usually stir up emotions and feeling rather quickly and usually profoundly.  It is prudent that you see your client sooner than you would with a regular personalized Bach Flower remedy. My teacher recommended within 1-2 weeks. At that point the remedies that are indicated for them will be much clearer.


The Three Polycrests


Most websites I found on the subject (which were few) only mentioned two remedies that could be used as polycrests. I was taught that three could be used.  Here they are as well as a description about which remedies are best for different people.

Star of Bethlehem 

  • Indicated for those clients/people whose issues seem to stem from past traumas/shock.



  • For those where there is no evidence of past trauma
  • The person has an outgoing extroverted personality


Wild Oat

  • For those where there is no evidence of past trauma
  • The person has a more introverted and quiet personality type




My Experience with a Polycrest


Having forewarning of the profound nature of a polycrest and the emotional movement it causes did help me quite a bit.  When I started having unexplained feelings crop up and intense emotional outbursts out of nowhere, I was able to take a step back and remember that I was supposed to be feeling this.  After about a week this clarity helped me avoid the sobbing and tears. I think my husband was very thankful of this (dear sweet man).


I was amazed how quickly my thought patterns and feelings changed once I started the remedy.  Within 24 hours of starting the protocol I was having more directed thoughts about my life and the emotions surrounding many of my day to day decisions. Profound life changing stuff, like “what am I really doing with my life?”, “am I truly happy?”, “is this what I had expected from my life?”.


While the answers to these questions still elude me, the polycrest has brought me to a new level of emotional clarity.  In a few days I will be able to make myself a new personalized formula, better tuned to my current emotional needs. So while going through the upheaval that the polycrest caused was often times difficult and draining, I have come out the other side ready to take the next step forward in my journey to a more balanced emotional state (and therefore hopefully a happier and more fulfilling winter season).


I will come back to you folks with my next Bach Flower formulation, what I put in it and what emotional states it’s indicated for.