How to Make a Herbal Salve

How to Make a Herbal Salve

This post is LONG overdue and for that I apologize; but it’s finally here! Today I am going to guide you through making your very own herbal salves. This is probably my most popular workshop and if you are local to me check out my events calendar to see when... read more
DIY Reusable Food Wrap – How to Make Beeswrap

DIY Reusable Food Wrap – How to Make Beeswrap

My life as a homesteader and herbalist was born from a deep love for our planet. This love extends beyond making medicines and growing food, as we strive to live as clean, green and self sufficient life as possible. While it likely isn’t possible to live a... read more
Herbal Liquid Hand Soap – A DIY Recipe

Herbal Liquid Hand Soap – A DIY Recipe

I get a lot of compliments on my hand soap, so I thought it was high time that I share my recipe with you folks. This liquid hand soap recipes works great, has lots of customization options and is very simple to make. Not only will you feel confident that you are... read more

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Zesty Bread and Butter Pickles

I’ve really been branching out in my canning over the last few years and these bread and butter pickles are one of my branches. I didn’t grow up in a pickle family – meaning that it wasn’t really something we served or had as a side dish. It... read more

Panko Fried Green Tomatoes

Last summer I discovered fried green tomatoes and what a glorious discovery it was! It came out of necessity as I had over a hundred green tomatoes and an impending frost. Thankfully I also discovered a great relish recipe and a chili recipe – all that used... read more

Building a Double Burner Rocket Stove

One of our major homestead goals is self sufficiency and self reliance. This concept is broad and far reaching, encompassing many things such as cooking from scratch, growing/raising your own food, making medicines and not being reliant on city provided commodities... read more

Harvesting, Curing and Storing Garlic

It’s mid to late July here in southern Ontario and in our zone 5a garden this is when we start to think about pulling up that garlic we planted in the fall. Garlic is a staple in our family – we simply adore this aromatic wonder. I’m one of those... read more

Homemade Natural Deodorant

I’m so excited to revamp this post for you folks since I have a brand new deodorant recipe that I am IN LOVE with. Making your own natural deodorant has the benefits of being frugal and practical. You are able to control the ingredients you use and therefore... read more

Herbal Infused Oils

Most of us are familiar with using herbs for cooking or in a nice steaming mug of tea; however the uses for medicinal plants go far beyond tea bags and dried out bottles of oregano.  One of the easiest and more versatile uses for herbs is in the making of infused... read more

Stop Bleeding with Yarrow – How to Make a Styptic Powder

I think other people hate working in my kitchen. Scratch that – they hate using my knives. A moment of honest truth here, I am very clumsy at times and have a tendency to move/work too fast which, of course, results in accidents. So my knives are dull and I... read more

Homemade Stinging Nettle Pasta

My three little tiny stinging nettle plants from Richters that I planted last year have turned into a full fledged sting nettle patch. Having over 3 litires of stinging nettle tincture in stock, I certainly don’t need more of this amazing medicinal herb for my... read more

Seed Cycling for Hormone Balancing

Problems with hormone imbalance are extremely common in our society. I see clients on a regular basis in the clinic who suffer from PMS, menstrual cramps, heavy periods, absent or irregular periods, spotting during ovulation, PCOS and infertility just to name a few.... read more

Comfrey Poultices for Deep Tissue Injuries

Herbalists make the worst patients; especially when you are treating yourself. If someone in my family gets injured or needs help I am there right away to lend assistance (almost always with herbs in tow). But this stubborn old mule gets hurt and do I do anything... read more

Lilac Blossom Sugar Cookies

I’ve only recently gotten into wild foods for cooking and baking but I am love with this branch of herbal art/creation. It is such a satisfying feeling to know that I can make delicious food from plants that grow in my own yard or in the fields behind my home.... read more

Blue Violet Herb – Viola spp. (a herbal materia medica)

I simply love using Viola in my herbal clinic. However I often have trouble finding enough of it in the wild to sustainably wild-harvest. However my front yard is quite shady and thanks to the shade almost the entire lawn is covered in blue violets. This year I was... read more