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Have you ever felt uncertain – unsure if the path you were on was the right one?  We’ve all gone through periods of life path and career uncertainty.  Wild Oat is a remedy that helps to bring your path back into focus.

In general, people who need Wild Oat are those who feel dissatisfied with their life situation in some way.  This dissatisfaction is usually rooted in career and/or life purpose.  The Wild Oat person is full of ambition.  They truly want to do something important with their lives, but they are uncertain as to what ‘it’ is.  All they can say for certain is that what they are currently doing is not ‘it’. 

The Wild Oat person lacks clarity on what they could do that would feel right to them.  They may appear successful to the outside observer, but this kind of success is not what matters to them.  Doing what feels right is much more important.  Despite their talents, activities and accomplishments, they feel as if life is passing them by. 

Often those in a Wild Oat state feel they have reached a turning point in their lives.  What mattered to them in the past, no longer holds the same sway as it once did.  Their work doesn’t bring the same level of satisfaction that it used to.  Specific emotions that are common to a Wild Oat person are frustration, dissatisfaction and possibly even boredom. 

Method of Preparation

Collect the flowering spike of the grass from as many plants as possible.  Wild Oat is prepared using Bach’s Sun Method.

Wild Oat Affirmations

  • Recognize your own uniqueness
  • Know your inner calling and follow it
  • Find your vision and come up with appropriate ways to live it
  • Complete many jobs well within your vision


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