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The winter months bring out the dreamer in me and this winter I’m deep in dream mode. Dreaming about gardens, backyard chickens, fencing and garden boxes, beekeeping and becoming more self sufficient. These are lovely dreams that fill my heart with happiness and along with these dreams follows the idea of naming our homestead.




So What’s In a Name Anyway?


So what’s in a name? Do we need a name? What purpose does it give other than an exercise in creativity?  Although we have no plans on making an income off our little homestead, so a name for business purposes may not be needed, I do feel a name would be of great benefit! It sets an intention and gets energy moving in the right direction.  We name our children and our pets to give them an identity in this world.  A farm or homestead is just like a living creature; living and breathing, growing and dying, changing with the seasons and adapting to its environment.  If we treat our home and homestead like a living creature, one that supports and nourishes our family, perhaps naming it is a wonderful way to honour its importance in our lives.


So that’s settled, I want to name our homestead! Now comes the tricky part….. how?




The Last Name Route


Lots of folks go the last name route; The Smith Farm or The Elliott Homestead. While a perfectly respectable way to name your farm/homestead, that just won’t work for us. My last name is different than my husband’s and to complicate matters further my son’s last name is hyphenated (containing both our last names). Too wordy!


Funny… ha ha


Everyone in my family appreciates a good laugh, especially my husband. I’ve seen him brought to tears more time than I can count by something that tickled his funny bone just right.  This post from Zephyr Hill talks about how memorable funny farm names are and they are totally right! I still can’t get the name FusterCluck Farms out of my head (totally giggling as I type this).   One night we had a great chuckle at the idea of naming it Blue Harvest (Star Wars and Family Guy fans will appreciate that one!).


Represent Your Passions


I’ve seen a lot of farm names that speaks to something that is clearly important to that farm owner. Quinn from Reformation Acres is clearly a very spiritual person and the name of their homestead represents that. Or how about Solar Homestead? Clearly their passion lies with off the grid energy sources (solar namely). I also love the name of this homestead – Earthworms and Marmalade. How sweet is that?




About the Land


Sometimes a name flows from your land and the landscape or community around you. Jessica over at The 104 Homestead, lives on a 1/4 acre which is where I assume the inspiration from her name came. Same with Janet over at One Acre Farm.  One of my favourite homesteads to follow, Little Mountain Haven, describes their surroundings perfectly, nestled in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada.


Offshoot of Spiraea


This is definitely an option as I will be growing most, if not all, of my medicinal herbs on the homestead. This is also where I will be running classes and workshops in the future. However there is this voice in my head that says our homestead needs it’s own little identity.




The energy is flowing and putting pen to paper (so to speak) has motivated me even more. I’m excited to share our homestead name with you once it’s fully birthed and decided. In the meantime, if you folks have inspiration or ideas please send ’em my way!


I love a fresh perspective!


Until then,