The Spiral

SnailThe spiral can be found everywhere in Nature – on the shells of mollusks and sea creatures, within ourselves as energy vortexes or chakras, within our very DNA has a helix and on plants’ flowers and leaves. Each of us has a life path, a spiral journey that we walk from the day of our first breath until the day of our last.


Healing is very much a spiral journey.  For some the starting point is within and we then journey outwards changing physical aspects of our life. For others the path starts outwards and spirals within as we explore who we are and what makes us tick. For most healing is both a journey within and without – a true discovery of our potential.


Susan Weed wrote in her book Wise Woman Herbal – Healing Wise, “A spiral is a cycle as it moves through time.  A spiral is movement around and beyond a circle, always returning to itself, but never at exactly the same place. Spirals never repeat themselves. Spirals remind us that life is movement, that each moment is unique, and that form is the essence of transformation.”

~ ~ ~

“Walk a spiral, you will inevitably come to the unique next step, the unknown, the thirteenth step, the opportunity for change, the window of transformation.”