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Projects make me feel great. At the end of a hard day’s work I feel zero guilt about kicking back, relaxing and enjoying the outcome of the day’s labour. And the office overhaul we did today was HARD work, but I’m so happy with how things turned out. So happy that I wanted to share my office with you. This is where all the herbal magic happens!


As a side note to those who follow my Beating the Winter Blues blog series; this would definitely count in the projects are good for the soul department.


A view from the doorway (just for perspective)

From the door

My tincture cabinets! Eventually I would like to build custom ones with shorter shelves, but for now these work just fine. Each are filled with medicines made my yours truly (mostly wild harvested and a few with organic dried herbs).

Closet Doors Closed   Closet Doors Open

This is where all the blogging magic happens folks! I got this desk at Jysk on clear out and I love that it’s real wood. It’s a little wobbly since the move but it still holds everything we need. Other items of note: my salt lamp (read about the benefits of salt lamps here) and my light therapy lamp (this is the one I have). If you want to read about why I do light therapy and the benefits of it check out my blog here.

The Desk

I set up a little corner for my products. Having them displayed like this brings nice energy to my office but it also reminds me when I’m low on items! You can check out some of my products online on my website or you can email me if you have any questions.


I love these little shelves – perfect size for my fabric storage bins.  This is where I store my dried herbs. Everything I used is organic and purchased through a local supplier. Most of my medicines are fresh except for my sitz bath and for my herbal infusions.

Dried Herb Storage

Here are a few of the personal touches my office has. Everywhere my husband and I have ever lived (except for Seoul, South Korea) we’ve had a tree on the wall. The last two places we lived we painted the trees, but this time I went with decals and I love the way it looks. I still have plans to paint a snail on the wall too.

The snail photo was taken by my husband and given framed as a gift for my birthday. The snail is one of my medicine guides and has taught me a lot (still trying to teach me truth be told) about slowing down and not always spending every moment in the future.

Meditation Corner   Snail

And finally are my flags. I got those at a cool little esoteric shop in downtown Victoria, British Columbia called Triple Spiral. I loved them then and I love them now. They help to remind me that all things in Nature have their cycles. Plus they’re cool.


I hope you enjoyed my office tour! Hopefully my kitchen will one day be clean enough so I can show you the other side of herbal medicine.


In good health,