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Spiraea is so excited to offer this all natural sunshine balm (aka sunscreen). It applies smoothly, absorbs well and doesn’t leave a greasy feeling on your skin. Lightly smelling of coconut, it can be used on the most delicate of skin (including children).


Spiraea’s Sunshine Balm has an SPF of approximately 25. Apply before heading out the sun and reapply when needed. It will wash off in the rain and with swimming.




Lavender & calendula infused sunflower oils; coconut oil, beeswax, zinc oxide, shea butter & vitamin E


I always recommend a test patch on in the inner elbow before applying the sunscreen over a large area. This product is completely nut free so it can be sent to summer camps/school. Expiry dates are an option so if you require one please contact Correne.


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