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As a natural health practitioner I often recommend the use of positive affirmations to my clients. Affirmations are a practice of positive thinking and self empowerment. Essentially they are tool that can be used to help rewire the brain to from a place of negative and self sabotaging thoughts to a place of potential and positive beliefs. While it may sound a little too “new age”, I promise you it works and is an effective treatment for those who suffer from stress related conditions, anxiety, depression and/or chronic negative thoughts or self doubt.

If you believe that your potential is only defined by your thoughts, then this is right up your alley. Let’s relate it to a garden. The garden box is your mind and the soil your thoughts. You can plant all the seeds you want but if the soil is rotten nothing will grow. But if the soil is healthy and vibrant, then anything can and will grow.

Sounds too new agey doesn’t it? Well how about this for logic? If we didn’t believe that positive thought and self talk was important then why do we teach our children that they can do and be anything that they put their mind to? Ah ha! Gotcha there didn’t I? Belief in ones self and ones abilities is paramount to a healthy mind and a positive outlook on life.

Each of my clients is an unique individual, but those who come to me suffering from nervous system or mental health related worries all have one thing in common – negative thoughts. Perhaps they think they are not worthy of a good life. Or they think that bad things will always happen to them. If they are like me they see the potential for disaster lurking around every corner.



Now I can’t blame people who think like this. Heck, I’m one of them! I know first hand how difficult it is to change the knee-jerk thoughts that pop into our brains. You can’t help it… before you even blink – BAM – negative whirlwind pool of crappy thoughts emerge. Then you kick yourself for it and berate yourself further, which feeds into the negativity creating even more negativity. It’s a vicious self fulfilling cycle that seems impossible to break.

Now I’m not selling anything here I promise (cause as I read back it does kinda sound like an infomercial doesn’t it?). I truly believe that the use of positive affirmations daily is a vital component is a natural health regime. If you are a negative person on a regular basis this might be a life path for you. Or if you are simply going through a rough patch, you may only need affirmations for a month or so. In the end it doesn’t matter because they work.


How to Incorporate Affirmations Into Your Life

Affirmations are short, easy to remember statements that you simply repeat (either out loud or in your head) a certain number of times. It’s important that you are mindful of the process and just repeating the statement quickly to get it over with. You should be seated in a comfortable position with no distractions around you. If it helps you to relax and you wish to combine a meditative like atmosphere, put on some quiet and relaxing music, like ocean sounds or rain drops.

You have two choices for your specific affirmations:

  • create them yourself (which is more personal and directed at your specific circumstances)
  • or find a list of positive affirmations online (like the one below)


If you decide to create your own make sure of the following:

  • they are short and easy to remember
  • they are specific to an event, area, belief or behaviour you are struggling with
  • they are in present tense


If you are just starting out then perhaps finding some examples online, or a positive affirmations challenge, like the one I have below, is right for you. Once you get the hang of the practice you can start to create your own.


The Use of Mala Beads

image source -

image source –


I love using my mala beads as apart of my positive affirmations. I won’t go into too much detail about the awesomeness of mala beads, but if you are curious about what they are you can click here.

Each mala strand has 108 beads. For each bead I repeat my positive affirmation one time while gently rolling the bead through my fingers. This keeps me focused and helps me to keep track of my mantras/affirmations. It takes the pressure off counting in my head and allows me to truly focus on positive thoughts flowing through my mind.


30 Day Positive Affirmation Challenge

30 day affirmation challenge

Because I am a herbalist and my life path is in health, I have created a list of affirmations geared towards healing and health. I invite you to join me as I embark on a 30 day positive affirmation challenge that I will start on my Facebook Page next week. Each day I will post the positive affirmation on my page (but you can use the list here to follow along as well).

  1. I truly love myself
  2. My body is capable of healing and true health
  3. My body tells me what it needs
  4. I will listen to my body as it speaks
  5. I am grateful for my body and the health I have
  6. I am full of energy and light each day
  7. I embrace movement and exercise
  8. Each breath I take is deep and full
  9. I free myself from fear and doubt
  10. I am at home in my body
  11. Nourishing myself is a joyful experience
  12. I listen to my feelings and I am gentle with myself
  13. I am a beautiful and unique soul
  14. I have control over my choices and habits
  15. I am safe
  16. Wellness is the natural state of my body
  17. All that I seek is already within me
  18. My mind and body are in perfect balance
  19. My day begins and ends with gratitude and joy
  20. I get a good nights sleep and wake refreshed
  21. Healthy food energizes me each day
  22. Every part of my body carries out its tasks with ease
  23. My thoughts are positive and full of joy
  24. Happiness is a choice
  25. I am conquering illness and feel better each day
  26. My body is healthy; my mind is brilliant; my soul is tranquil
  27. My immune system is strong and healthy
  28. My body and mind are flexible and fluid
  29. I free myself from anger and resentment
  30. I am better today than I was yesterday


I hope you can join me on what will be an amazing journey to self confidence and health! Follow the affirmation challenge here on my facebook page.


In good health,