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Imbolc marks the waxing of Spring and waning of Winter; halfway between the Winter Solistice and Spring Equinox.  I was glad that I had the opportunity to spend time in Nature today.  It’s been a strange winter in Southern Ontario. It’s been unseasonably warm, with more rain than snow.  We saw more green and brown today than we usually do in February. I can hardly believe that winter could be half over!  Here are some photos from our Imbolc Nature walk.

Rhus typhina – Staghorn Sumac

Rumex crispus – Yellow Dock

Daucus carota – Queen Anne’s Lace

Verbascum thapsus – Mullein

The hazards of winter hiking this year. Almost the entire 5.5 km path was covered in ice!

Typha spp. (either Typha latifolia or Typha angustifolia)– Cattails