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As the last of the apples ripen on the tree, my canning season has almost come to a close. Considering we had to pull up the garden early and we moved, I’m extremely happy with my canning haul this year. I wanted to share with you what I did this canning season.


Canning Pantry 2015


I got this little shelf from Costco. It actually has the ability to have another level, but I ran out of space under our stairs.  It can hold a lot of weight so it’s perfect for my canned goods. Starting with the top shelf from left to right we have:


The second shelf from left to right:


Canning Pantry Close Up 2015


The third shelf from left to right:

  • canned peaches in light syrup
  • peach salsa (soooo good)
  • blueberry applesauce
  • spiced applesauce
  • mixed berry applesauce
  • plain applesauce (for baking)


Did I mention there is an apple tree on the neighbour’s property?! I’m sure I will be adding to the applesauce row over the next week or so.


Bottom shelf from left to right:


Well that’s a review of my canning pantry. See you next canning season!