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My Herbal Bookshelf: Part 2

This is the second half of my herbal library. To read about the books in the first half, check My Herbal Library: A-G.

Medical HerbalismDavid Hoffmann

  • This book was required for the pharmacology portion of my course.  Medical Herbalism is dense and is not for the layman.  A certain level of pharmacological as well as herbal medicine knowledge is necessary just to get through the first few pages.  I imagine I will be using this book for many years to come!

The New Holistic Herbal David Hoffmann

  • This was a required textbook for one of my courses at Living Earth School of Herbalism.  Just as my course was organized, Hoffmann explores each major system of the body and their ailments.  He also provides information on holistic health in general as well as preparation methods.  This book is worth it just for the listing of over 200 herbs itself!

Earl Mindell’s Herb Bible Earl Mindell

  • One of the first herb books I ever got my hands on (I think I found it at a garage sale).  I’ve had it since I took the Chartered Herbalists course at Dominion Herbal College years ago.  Earl Mindell’s book provides information on 100 of the most popular medicinal plants. The knowledge is basic, but it’s still a great little book.

Newcomb’s Wildflower GuideLawrence Newcomb

  • I never go out into the field without this field guide.  It has a fantastic identification system that is almost foolproof.  What it lacks in photographs, it makes up for in ease of use and variety of species. A must have for any wild-harvester.

The Natural Pregnancy Book: Herbs, Nutrition, and Other Holistic ChoicesAviva Jill Romm

  • After going one of Aviva Romm’s two-day seminars, I knew I would love her books. Considered to be one of the most helpful pregnancy books on the market, The Natural Pregnancy Book makes you feel like you have a midwife and herbalist at your side.  While her ideas may seem extreme for some, Aviva provides women with points of view seldom discussed in medical fields.  Every person considering having a child and every herbalist wanting to work with pregnant woman needs to have this book.

The Encyclopedia of Bach Flower TherapyMechthild Scheffer

  • If you are interested in the Bach Flower Therapy system, this book is fantastic! Although this was another required textbook for my course, I had purchased it years ago, long before I needed it for school.  Scheffer’s knowledge on the subject is vast and personal as she has been a practicing Bach Flower Therapist for many years.  She discusses all 38 Bach Flower remedies as well as the system of healing itself.

The Way of HerbsMichael Tierra

  • This book is new to my collection so I haven’t had much time to look through it.  One of the reasons I purchased it is because of the rave reviews I heard from other herbalists.  I look forward to reading it.

The Wise Woman Herbal: Healing WiseSusan Weed

  • This book is witty, wise and refreshing, in writing style and content.  Weed’s focus on building relationships with plants is of particular interest to me, as I believe your medicine is only as good as your relationship to the plant that provides it. Healing Wise provides knowledge about three traditional ways of healing, including the wise woman tradition.

Aromatherapy: A Guide for Home UseChristine Westwood

  • Another required book for my Complementary Herbal Therapeutics Course, this book is invaluable if you are interested in using essential oils.  Westwood provides information about the therapeutic properties for both physical and emotional ailments, as well as safe administration methods.

Earthwise Herbal: A Complete Guide to New World/Old World Medicinal PlantsMatthew Wood

  • Both of these books are wonderful, complete and thorough, adding depth and a vast amount of wisdom to any herbal library.  His information has been invaluable in the writings of papers and researching herbs that are local to my area.  Although I understand the need to separate the material into two books, sometimes I have to look in both indices to find the herb I am looking for.

The Book of Herbal WisdomMatthew Wood

  • Another new book to me, but if its anything like Wood’s other books, it will fast become worn with use.