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I just made a huge batch of homemade salsa (16 pint jars).  Needless to say I had a lot of leftover tomato skins. Not wanting to waste them I decided to make homemade tomato powder.  Here’s what I did.

Needed Materials

  • Dehydrator
  • Tomato skins
  • Blender


  • Wash, blanch and cold water bath your tomatoes (if you don’t already have tomato skins)
  • Once your skins have been water bathed the skins should slip off easily
    • My skins were in the fridge for a day and they were still perfectly fine for dehydrating


  • Place your skins in your dehydrator trays
    • Single layer (no overlapping)
  • Turn your dehydrator on and leave for 6-12 hours
    • You will want a lower heat to retain as much of the nutrients as possible
    • I placed my dehydrator on 125 degrees and they took about 9.5 hours
    • I also rotated my trays once when I noticed the skins on the top where still squishy


  • When your skins are done they will be thin with a crispy, paper-like consistency
  • Next I placed my skins in my mortar and pestle and pounded them to smaller sizes
    • This made it easier to blend


  • Transfer your skins to your blender or food processor
  • Blend for 1-2 minutes
    • Consistency of your final product is personal taste – if you want a pure powder you might need to blend a little longer


  • Store in an air-tight container in a cool/dry place

Uses for Tomato Powder

  • Sprinkle on anything you would like to add tomato flavour too
    • Grilled cheese
    • Scrambled eggs
    • Macaroni and cheeese
    • Ground beef/veggie ground for tacos or sloppy joes
  • Can be rehydrated and made into a paste for
    • Curries, soups and stews