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Because of our planned garden overhaul I had lots of greens to tend to. I knew there was no way my family was going to eat their way through all of them so I decided to make my own homemade greens powder.  If you dehydrate your greens at a low enough temperature they hold onto their nutrients and make for a very nutrient dense super food!  We add them to our smoothies (which is an excellent way of getting extra greens into your toddlers!)

Materials/Ingredients Needed

  • Greens and lots of them!
    • We used carrot tops, kale, chard and beet tops
    • I would also try nettles, dandelion greens and collards if you have them
  • Dehydrator
    • Alternatively you can use your oven on the lowest temperature
  • Coffee grinder or Magic Bullet with herb grinder attachment (two blades)
  • Jar for storage


  • Wash and dry your greens
    • I used a salad spinner and it got the greens dry enough to place them directly in the dehydrator
  • Remove all of the leafy greens discarding any woody stems


  • Place your greens flat on your trays (do not overlap)
  • Set the dehydrator to 120 degrees (or low)
  • Dehydrate your greens until they are dry and crispy
    • Took about 9-10 hours in my dehydrator
  • If you use your oven set it to the lowest temperature you will have to keep an eye on the greens
    • I’m not 100% on timing but it will be finished faster in the oven


  • Take the greens off your trays and transfer to your coffee grinder or Magic Bullet
    • I found breaking them up into smaller pieces with my hands really helped the grinding process alone
  • Grind/blend until you reach your desired consistency
    • We wanted a powder so it took about 45-60 seconds in the Magic Bullet
  • Store in an airtight jar