About Spiraea Herbs

CorreneHiya folks! I’m Correne.

I’m a Traditional Herbalist, a homesteader, a mom and a wife. My family and I live in Woodville, Ontario where we grow food, grow medicine and keep backyard chickens. Our goal is to lead simple, healthy and meaningful lives. We connect with Nature, we spend lots of time together and we breathe deep… whenever we can.

Why I Started Spiraea Herbs

Spiraea Herbs has grown and changed so much from the modest little blog I started oh so many years ago. Today it is a place where people can come to learn how to take back their own health. I want to empower each of you to take control of your own medicine, health and food – you can all be the provider of your family’s health and wellness. Wouldn’t it feel amazing to help your child through an ear infection? Or to create a healing salve with herbs you found in your yard? How about planting a seed, growing food and then enjoying it at a family meal? Nothing is more satisfying!


Why I’m a Herbalist HarvestingBergamot

Plants have been on this Earth far longer than us. But their medicine has been forgotten and so have their wise ways. From my own personal journey I know that people can experience profound changes in their health with the help of medicinal herbs and a herbalist. As a population we are tired, sick and over-medicated. We have lost what makes us vital and vibrant human beings. I wanted and want for each of you…


  • freedom from pharmaceutical medications and their many side effects
  • freedom from the feeling of being trapped in a body that doesn’t feel like yours
  • freedom to take back your own health in a natural and sustainable way


You don’t have to be sick and tired. There is hope for healing from chronic conditions. Visit my clinic page or send me an email. Let’s embark on a healing journey together.

Where I Studied

Wilfrid Laurier University

  • 4 year Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Minor in psychology

Dominion Herbal College

  • Complete the Charter Herbalist course (1 year distance education)

Living Earth School of Herbalism

  • A 4 year 1,500 hour clinical program that included:
    • advanced herbal materia medica, ethical wild-harvesting & plant identification in the field and herbal remedy preparation
    • training in nutrition, Bach Flower remedies, essential oils and lifestyle management
    • botany, chemistry, anatomy, physiology, psychology and pharmacology courses
    • 350 hours of clinical experience (250 hours supervised in class)

Sage Mountain 

  • The Art and Science of Herbalism with Rosemary Gladstar – currently enrolled

Why I Homestead

10152587_10156435697845002_925440870689260443_nI grew up in the suburbs of south Durham Region. My family didn’t go camping, we ate processed foods, went to the doctors (took antibiotics) and lived pretty “normal” lives.  University was when I first really started understanding that I didn’t want what other people wanted. I was a hippie stuck in a business school. I thought about things differently and I did things differently. After graduation my husband and I moved to Victoria B.C. and it was in that lovely corner of the world that I discovered herbs and natural health. The moment that I took my first herb instead of a pharmaceutical changed my life forever. Of course I didn’t know that at the time… but hindsight is a glorious thing.

From there the shift to homesteader was a gradual and very natural one. It probably started like it did for you of you fine folks. I read about it online and thought “what the heck is this modern homesteading thing?” As I read more I became more intrigued. Then we grew our first vegetable, then another and we were hooked. As I learned more about GMOs and large scale agricultural practices I knew it wasn’t what I wanted to support. I wanted to…

  • Know how my food was grown and where it came from
  • I wanted to become less reliant – on grocery stores, doctors and the other “conveniences” of the modern world
  • Be free come chemicals, pesticides. modified ingredients and all the other carcinogens floating around the Earth
  • Wanted skills that I could pass onto my son. Skills that he wasn’t going to learn in school and that would serve him and our family’s well for generations to come.


Join Me On This Journey

Let’s take this amazing healing journey together. Take back your health and vitality… from the ground up.