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Hello and welcome to Spiraea Herbs + Snail Trails Homestead. I am so blessed to be able to work with plants for a living. Whether it’s growing my own food, making medicine or learning about their wise ways, plants have taught me so much.

With each remedy, passing year and new plant I meet, I learn something new. They are constantly teaching me about their medicine, this planet and myself. Plants have been on this Earth far longer than we have and they have so much to show us, we just need to learn how to listen.

Join me and learn how you can take back your own health through the healing power of plants, homesteading and natural health. Take class at the homestead, enjoy a handmade herbal product, visit me at the clinic or learn how to grow a herb garden. I look forward to our paths crossing.


Herbally yours,


Correne is a Traditional Western Herbalist, homesteader, forager and a mom.  She lives with her family in rural Kawartha Lakes, Ontario where they grow food, plants for medicine and raise chickens. [Read more…]

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Disclaimer Statement: I’m a Herbalist

I am a traditional western herbalist and holistic health practitioner. As such I help people improve their wellness and overall health through the use of herbs, lifestyle adjustments, emotional support and nutritional guidance. I am not a doctor and legally cannot diagnose.

This site provides information for educational purposes only and should not be interpreted as a diagnosis, cure or treatment of any specific condition. Spiraea Herbal Clinic does not claim nor imply that any information provided will treat, cure or prevent any particular disease states.

Before using any herbal remedies please do your own independent research on dosages, contraindications and drug interactions. For chronic conditions or any health concerns I highly recommend you seek the help of a qualified health practitioner.


Explore herbal medicine, homesteading and natural living. Learn how to make your own products, the medicinal properties of plants, how to can & preserve your own food, start a garden and so much more.

Herbal Clinic

As a mother and a herbalist, Correne understands the day to day stresses of parenthood and life. Spiraea Herbal Clinic offers natural, locally wildcrafted and grown personalized herbal remedies that can help you and your family. Take the first steps to a healthier and happier you.

Herb Shop

Experience handmade herbal products made by a local herbalist. Salves, creams, medicinal syrups, teas, oils and so much more! All products are made from locally harvested, grown or organic dried herbs and the highest quality ingredients.

Classes + Workshops

Are you interested in learning about herbal medicine and life around our homestead? Do you want to be able to make your own remedies and products? Can your own produce? Grow a garden? Join us at one of our workshops or classes and experience the herbal homesteading life for yourself.

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